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Periodic Services

Periodic servicing  guarantees safe driving and ensures your vehicle is always ideally prepared for daily use. This reduces risk of accident, increases the safety of all vehicle occupants and helps to avoid annoying breakdowns.

Inspection and Maintenance

General inspection, Summer/Winter/Monsoon inspections and Vacation travel check and maintenance.

Vehicle Health Check

Having your car serviced is the key to ensuring it is safe, reliable and retains its value .Let us check your car top to bottom…quickly, thoroughly and at a reasonable price.

Battery and Tyre Care

Is your car battery ready for action and properly equipped for monsoon and winter? Is your tyre ready to take on long drives through rugged terrain? Specialist at Cama motors will be pleased to check, service and if necessary replace the battery/tyre in your car.

Oil and Brake Check

All the braking system components and oil in your vehicle needs to be checked at regular interval of time. State of the art equipment and skilled manpower at Cama Motors ensures your ride is safe and painless.

Breakdown Service

Get roadside assistance, breakdown service for your car and recovery service.