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Tuning & Breaks

When it comes to safety, no part of your vehicle is more important than the brakes. They should be inspected at least once a year to determine the condition of the hydraulic system and operating hardware. While the entire braking system requires attention, the friction components (pads, shoes, rotors and drums) require constant attention because they wear down each time you apply your brakes.

Wheels Alignment & Balancing

Maintaining the wheel alignment on your vehicle is critical to getting the most out of your tire investment. In addition to providing a smooth ride, alignment is a key component in tire wear. We provide professional wheels alignment and balancing service.


Good suspension in your car is what makes it possible to control the vehicle while driving. At Cama motors, we will take excellent care of your steering and suspension needs.

AC Checkup

The Cama motors experts will be pleased to service your air conditioning system to ensure a constant pleasant temperature in the passenger compartment and to keep out pollen and unpleasant odors.